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A Few Eating Tips To Better Health

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A quick way to judge if you're eating healthy is your bowel movement. You should have at least one bowel movement per day without laxatives, caffeine, or straining. If this is not currently your reality, then perhaps these pointers will be of value in your quest. We often seek short answers to complex issues, which is usually the cause of our problems in the first place. Unfortunately, this is a bit long, but hopefully you'll get something out of it that will lead to better health. Read More

 I've cut out virtually all sugar and white flour out my diet. While honey has its place, I do not use it as a sugar replacement because it acts on your body much in the same way that sugar does. I use stevia primarily as a sugar replacement. However, you usually don't see recipes like cake made with stevia, because large amounts of stevia act as a laxative. I use stevia on things like cereals or in tea.

The most important element for life is water. Most medical issues disappear or can be avoided if you drink enough water each day, which is roughly half your body weight in ounces. After doing this for about a month your urge to use the restroom every few minutes will cease. I drink all my water at room temperature. I drink 32 ounces when I first awake and then another 32 ounces around 3PM. I also eat lots of fresh fruit which counts toward my daily water intake. I agree with those who believe Alzheimer’s is caused by a lack of water in your brain. The brain contains a higher percentage of water than the rest of your body.

Older people drink less water and more sugary drinks and more coffee, which the body can't use to hydrate the brain, and thereby potentially leading to Alzheimer’s disease. I don't drink tap water. I usually drink store bought spring water. You can also go to to see if there is a natural spring near you that you can bottle your own which is best as it will be full of minerals and quite alkaline. Sometimes I put lemons in the water, sometimes organic apple cider vinegar, or sometimes just a small amount of baking soda to make the water more alkaline. Many people disagree with adding baking soda to water to increase the alkalinity, so my opinion on this may very well change in the future after more critical research, but you do need to ensure that your water is alkaline using some method.

You can go to the drug store and purchase some PH test strips to see how alkaline your water is and how alkaline your body is. Ideally your PH balance and the water should be at least 7. If you must drink something sweet from time to time then buy drinks that contain stevia as a sweetener such as SoBe Lifewater or others from this list on (

If you eat bread, eat whole wheat. If you eat rice, eat brown rice, wild rice or any rice except white rice as it has little nutritional value. Eat plenty of dark green leafy vegetables i.e. spinach, Kale, collard greens, etc.

Try to eat organic foods when possible. If eating organic is not feasible then do a search on the dirty dozen to see what fruits are Ok to eat even when grown using pesticides. This is usually those with hard skins that you remove. I usually purchase my foods around the isle of the grocery store which is where you will find whole foods (foods that spoil).

However, for breakfast I simply eat Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Muesli (sprinkled with chia seeds) with strawberries, blueberries or raspberries in unsweetened almond milk (I add stevia to sweeten) or in organic apple juice. Seems weird eating a cereal in juice, but this is how they do it in parts of Europe and it actually grows to taste good. They usually let it soak overnight, but I let mine soak about 10 minutes. I try to eat baked or grilled fish (such as wild caught salmon and not farmed) two to three times a week. At the very least, try to supplement using fish oil to get your Omega 3 essential fatty acids. But I don't do fried foods, which contains the bad type of fats. Sautéing things in extra virgin olive oil is fine.

Our closest animal relative is the chimpanzee and only 3% - 6% of their diet consists of meat. We simply do not require a lot of meat to get enough protein. That's about a hand full of chicken with your meal. Your meat intake should come from grass fed animals and not soy fed animals. The sun shines on the grass and fills it with nutrients, the animals eat the grass and we eat the animals which supply us with omega 3 essential fatty acids. I eat chicken about 1 - 2 times per week. I eat beef about 1 - 2 times per quarter. I eat pork about 1 - 2 times per year. Beef and pork are OK if from responsibly raised grass fed animals. Milk is best when unpasteurized and come from a grass fed cow. Pasteurization is usually done to hide the fact that the milk may have been bad from the beginning. Pasteurized milk has virtually no health benefit.

My snack usually consist of fresh fruits and trail mix that I make myself using raw walnuts, raw almonds, pumpkin seeds, raw cashews, and raisins or some similar mixture. Try to use raw nuts.

I recently increased the various herbs that I take to boost my immune system among other things, and I can tell the difference. I use organic herbs when possible. I had a constant knee ache (perhaps arthritis) that is absolutely gone since my herbs.

Other common sense measures include using toothpaste without fluoride or simply using baking soda. Avoiding the use of anti-bacterial products because they also kill the good bacteria. Not using deodorants with aluminum in them or just using baking soda. Not placing your laptop directly on your lap. Not placing your cell phone next to your breast or in your armpit.

A few years back, I earned well over six figures, but I usually didn't get but 4 hours of sleep per night and was always highly stressed. Today, I barely make a third of what I once made, but I typically get 8 hours of sleep per night and have virtually no stress in my life. So, the trade-off has been worth the loss in income.

The bottom line, is that you should not be getting sick. Either your food is medicine or it is poison (even if it doesn't kill you right away). I understand things like ice cream and cake taste good, but they are not good for you. Not even within the magical "moderation" that everyone likes to use. Meat is good for you within moderation; not ice cream, cookies, candies, soda and cake. If I need something sweet, I prefer a fresh fruit smoothie consisting of orange juice, a few ice cubes, unsweetened yogurt, strawberries, bananas, spinach, blueberries, or some similar combination.

I hear so many people talk about God, Jesus, religion and being saved. My take on being saved is that you're living in alignment with nature. How God intended. This includes mind, body, and soul. I feel that too many people focus on the soul piece which dwells on religion and spirituality, while ignoring the other two-thirds of the equation. Feeding the mind means that we're thinking, constantly learning and stretching our minds in areas such as literature, science, engineering, technology, mathematics, astronomy, philosophy, history, etc. And not junk TV, which is tantamount to eating junk food. Feeding the body means that we're eating the foods that God intended for us to eat. Whole foods and not processed poisons. Hippocrates once said, "Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food." The only time you should have to visit the doctor or hospital is when you experience some type of trauma to your body such as breaking a bone.


I'm a big fan of Dr. Joseph Mercola. You can visit his website at I have listened to and read enough people's advice to believe that Dr. Mercola is on point with no ulterior motive.

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