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Don't Go To College To Get A Degree

Did you know that if you only have a high school diploma your chances of finding full time employment in America is only 30%? That means your chances of living the "good life" is greatly diminished and your chances of living a "great life" is on the chopping block. So, you should at least shoot for a college degree. But if shooting for a college degree is the way to go, then why on earth would I tell you not to go to college to get a degree. I realize this may seem somewhat confusing and contradictory advice, but let me explain.  

I often hear people say things like, "I graduated from college and I still can't find a job", "College is overrated", or something along those lines. They haven't been able to discover the value in completing college, because they went to college to get a degree. Therefore, they succeeded in "getting a degree", but they still missed the boat. Read More

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