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At the rate that technology is moving, we can't underestimate how our world will look in ten years from today. Perhaps we won't having flying cars, but we will have driverless cars actually being used commercially. Google says it plans to market it's self-driving vehicle by 2018 and many car manufacturers predict they will have similar offers by 2020 to 2025. So those of you who drive taxi-cabs for a living may want to rethink your long term plans. 

However, even if you don't think driverless vehicles will disrupt your world because you have a nice cushiony indoor job working in a manufacturing plant and the company has vowed not to outsource to another country, don't think you've totally dodged a bullet. Baxter the robot is interviewing for your job. And Baxter is inexpensive; no let me rephrase; At a retail price of around $22K, Baxter is down right cheap! That's about a year's salary for a minimum wage job in America. Read More

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