Diary of a Failure: The Art of Failing Your Way to Success 


Fitch and Sam grew up together,
but they choose different paths in life!
One leads to failure and one to success.

Follow the year-long journey the two friends take trying to reach their dreams.

In their own words, Fitch and Sam share why they make the choices they do. You’ll discover how those choices work for or against each of them.

Diary of a Failure is a must-have book for anyone who feels defeated by failure or has a fear of failure. You will learn:

  • Over 60 incredible laws of success, told in an easy-to-read narrative story that happens between Fitch and Sam.

  • How to understand and apply success principles in your own life

  • Failure is not fatal and how to use failures as stepping stones to success

  • Why it is ultimately the choices we make in life that determine our destinies

Fitch and Sam have a lot that happens during the year. Their diary journals tell a story we all can relate to – the struggles of obtaining our goals.

Fitch wants to make it big with a band and Sam wants to study robotics in college. They both have the same opportunities. The only thing separating the two, is the way they see their world.

Read this book, and learn about success laws without even realizing it!


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